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This generator is loaded up with monsters I use in my home campaign--some standard monsters are missing and many homebrew ones have been added. All are Google-able. -Zak S

    <sgdisplay iterations="10">
  • [main]</sgdisplay> <sgtable>
    20,[Race] [Gender] [Class] [Level] 1,[Rider] riding a dinosaur 1,[Rider] riding a skeletal horse 1,[Rider] riding a snake 1,a babbler 1,a banshee 1,a basilisk 1,a bear 1,a berbalang 1,a black dragon 1,a blindheim 1,a blood hawk 1,a blue dragon 1,a blue tiger 1,a boar 1,a boar 1,a bonesnapper 1,a booka 1,a brass dragon 1,a bunyip 1,a bushbaby 1,a candelabraxian peryton 1,a cannibal mermaid 1,a carbuncle 1,a caryatid column 1,a cat 1,a caterwaul 1,a chameleon Man 1,a chimera 1,a CIFAL 1,a cifalganger 1,a clay golem 1,a clubnek 1,a cockatrice 1,a coffer corpse 1,a constrictor snake 1,a crabman 1,a crawling claw 1,a crocodile 1,a crow-headed creature 1,a crypt thing 1,a cthuloid demon 1,a cyclops 1,a dark creeper 1,a dark elf 1,a dark stalker 1,a death dog 1,a death knight 1,a death knight 1,a demilich 1,a demon 1,a demon fly/ chasme 1,a denzelian 1,a desert ghoul 1,a devil dog 1,a disenchanter 1,a doombat 1,a doppelganger 1,a dracolisk 1,a dragon turtle 1,a dragonfish 1,a dragonnel 1,a drowned woman’s ghost 1,a dryad 1,a dune stalker 1,a evil peacock 1,a faerie dragon 1,a fire elemental 1,a fire-breathing black king statue 1,a firedrake 1,a firefly woman 1,a firenewt 1,a firesnake 1,a firetoad 1,a fish men 1,a fishwife 1,a flagellant 1,a flail snail 1,a flailceratops (or other modified dinosaur) 1,a flesh golem 1,a fllnd 1,a flumph 1,a forlarren 1,a foxwoman 1,a frost giant 1,a frost man 1,a frost salamander 1,a frost worm (or purple worm) 1,a galeb duhr 1,a galltrit 1,a gambado 1,a garbug 1,a gargoyle 1,a gargoyle 1,a gas spore 1,a ghoul 1,a giant 1,a giant bat 1,a giant centipede 1,a giant constrictor snake 1,a giant head w/legs and multiple tongues 1,a giant mantis 1,a giant praying mantis 1,a giant strider 1,a giant viper snake 1,a gibbering mouther 1,a gibberling 1,a glassilisk 1,a gloomwing moth 1,a goat centaur 1,a goat-headed warrior 1,a goblin 1,a goldbug 1,a gorbel 1,a green dragon 1,a grell 1,a grendel 1,a grey jester 1,a griffon 1,a grig 1,a grimlock 1,a group of disturbing ravens 1,a gryph 1,a guardian daemon 1,a guardian familiar 1,a hag 1,a half-orc 1,a halfling 1,a halfling vampire 1,a hallucinatory fungus 1,a hand centaur 1,a harpy 1,a headless king 1,a hellcat 1,a hellhound 1,a hoar fox 1,a hobgoblin 1,a hobgoblin 1,a hollow bride 1,a hook horror 1,a hornet, giant 1,a hound of ill omen 1,a huecuva 1,a humunculus 1,a hydra 1,a hyena-like humanoid 1,a jackal-headed warrior 1,a jaculi 1,a jermlaine 1,a kamadan 1,a kelpie 1,a kenku 1,a khargra 1,a killmoulis 1,a lamia 1,a lamia noble 1,a lava children 1,a leopardman 1,a lich 1,a lich 1,a living shadow 1,a lizard 1,a lizard king 1,a lizardperson 1,a lodestone golem 1,a maggot naga 1,a magnesium spirit 1,a man of wounds 1,a man-headed centipede 1,a man-scorpion 1,a mantari 1,a manticore 1,a marble dragon 1,a Marilith 1,a meazel 1,a mechanism 1,a medusa 1,a meenlock 1,a megaraptor 1,a mephit 1,a mezzodaemon 1,a mimic 1,a minotaur 1,a mite 1,a mold 1,a monster zombie zombie 1,a monstrous centipede 1,a monstrous medusa 1,a monstrous scorpion 1,a monstrous spider 1,a multi-armed ape 1,a mushroom man 1,a naga 1,a necrophidius 1,a needlebird 1,a needleman 1,a night hag 1,a nilbog 1,a nonafel 1,a norker 1,a nycadaemon 1,a nymph 1,a octopus 1,a pack of baboons 1,a pack of hyenas 1,a pack of rats 1,a panther, tiger or whatever big cat is appropriate to the region 1,a paralyzing centipede/grub 1,a penangallan 1,a pernicon 1,a peryton 1,a phantom stalker 1,a pirate 1,a polar worm 1,a poltergeist 1,a protein polymorph 1,a pseudodragon 1,a pterodactyl 1,a purple worm 1,a quaggoth 1,a quipper 1,a qullan 1,a rakshasa (probably disguised) 1,a red dragon 1,a retriever 1,a revenant 1,a revenant 1,a ringwolf 1,a rothe 1,a rusting monster 1,a salamander 1,a sandman 1,a scarecrow 1,a scarecrow 1,a screaming devilkin 1,a sea hag 1,a shadow 1,a shadow dragon 1,a sheet ghoul 1,a sheet phantom 1,a shocker 1,a shrieking fungus 1,a skeleton 1,a skeleton warrior 1,a skrath 1,a skulk 1,a slaad 1,a snakeman 1,a snow leopard 1,a snow leopardmen 1,a snyad 1,a son of kyuss 1,a sphinx 1,a spider centaur 1,a stag demon 1,a stone golem 1,a stunjelly 1,a sublunary man 1,a succubus 1,a sussurus 1,a svirfneblin 1,a swarm of bats 1,a swarm of plague flies 1,a sylph 1,a symbiotic jelly 1,a tabaxi 1,a tentacled panther 1,a tentamort 1,a terithran 1,a thoqqua 1,a thork 1,a thornchild 1,a throat leech 1,a tiger 1,a time elemental 1,a toad creature 1,a toad demon 1,a tower golem 1,a treant 1,a treant, evil 1,a triceratops 1,a trilloch 1,a troglodyte 1,a troll 1,a troupe of skeletons, playing a danse macabre 1,a tween 1,a tyrannosaurus 1,a tyrant eyeball 1,a unicorn 1,a Unicorn-Head Guy 1,a vampire 1,a vampire monkey 1,a violet fungus 1,a violet fungus 1,a viper snake 1,a vision 1,a vodyanoi 1,a volt 1,a vomiter 1,a vortex 1,a water elemental 1,a were-rat 1,a werejaguar 1,a werewolf 1,a whipweed 1,a white dragon 1,a white elf 1,a white or yellow pudding 1,a white tiger rakshasa 1,a wight 1,a wild dog 1,a will-o’-wisp 1,a winter wolf 1,a witherstench 1,a witherweed 1,a wolf 1,a wolf-demon 1,a wolverine 1,a worg 1,a wraith 1,a xill 1,a xorn 1,a xorn 1,a xortoise 1,a xvart 1,a yellow musk 1,a yellow musk creeper zombie 1,a zombie 1,an 8-eyed goat 1,an aarakocra 1,an achaierai 1,an adherer 1,an air elemental 1,an al-mi’raj 1,an aleax 1,an algoid 1,an amphibious vampire 1,an animal skeleton 1,an ape 1,an apparition 1,an aquatic dragon 1,an aquatic elf 1,an asian dragon 1,an assassin bug 1,an astral searcher 1,an earth elemental 1,an eel medusa 1,an elemental prince of evil 1,an enveloper 1,an ettercap 1,an ettercap 1,an ettin 1,an eye of dread 1,an eye of fear and flame 1,an eye of the deep 1,an eyekiller 1,an ice demon 1,an ice lizard 1,an imorph 1,an intelligent monkey 1,an iron cobra 1,an iron golem 1,an ogre 1,an ogrillon 1,an ooze or jelly 1,an ooze w/ an undeal ghoul head 1,an orc 1,an osquip 1,an otyugh 1,an umpleby 1,an urchin 1,Demogorgon 1,horde little gremlins 1,Tiamat
    1,cleric 1,fighter 1,paladin 1,barbarian 1,wizard 1,thief 1,assassin 1,druid 1,ranger 1,witch
    10,male 10,female 1,androgynous
    5,a human 2,an elven 1,a dwarven 1,a half-elf 1,a half-orc 1,a halfling
    1,a cannibal halfling 1,a crow-headed creature 1,a cthuloid demon 1,a dark elf 1,a devildwarf 1,a dryad 1,a flesh golem 1,a gnoll 1,a goat-headed warrior 1,a goblinoid 1,a hag 1,a half-orc 1,a hobgoblin 1,a hyena-like humanoid 1,a jackal-headed warrior 1,a lamia 1,a leopard person 1,a lich 1,a lizardperson 1,a medusa 1,a night hag 1,a rakshasa 1,a snake-person 1,a toad demon 1,a troll 1,a vampire 1,a werejaguar 1,a werewolf 1,a witch 1,a wraith 1,a zombie 1,an unnatural human </sgtable>